The House of Assembly and the Senate will meet every other week instead, until the Christmas recess in December, with two sessions on December 13 and 16 respectively.

In a statement released on Tuesday (October 22),  the Premier said: “The Government’s legislative agenda can and should continue without the interruption of the traditional Convening of the Legislature.

“I believe there is an interest on both sides in continuing to work on those things that will continue to promote economic growth and activity for Bermuda and advance the social, educational and business support the community needs.

“Already in this session we have passed legislation to benefit economic empowerment zones and we will soon pass much needed pension reforms.

“Economic opportunity for Bermudians and Bermudian businesses will be front and centre during this ongoing session as will the legislation to support the development of the St George’s Marina, the consolidation of our labour laws and the development of a medical cannabis regime for Bermuda,” he added.

Mr Burt also stated that the decision was made after consultation with both the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate about the schedule, both of whom had agreed.

Bypassing the Throne Speech “shows a lack of good leadership and the ability to provide the necessary direction to solve the social and business issues affecting this island”, in his view.
“A leader clearly lays out their plans and communicates them effectively with everyone involved. Not doing so risks losing the trust of the people and can cause unnecessary confusion.
“Premier David Burt has to face the people of Bermuda. He has to explain why he is not laying out a clear plan to help Bermudians and businesses,” said Mr Cannonier.
“Right now people are struggling under new and increased taxes, they are losing jobs or being forced to leave the Island. They need help and they need to see a plan.
“By not delivering a Throne Speech David Burt is not providing that help. He is not reassuring the people and that is very poor leadership,” he added.
“The Premier has failed for more than two years to come up with an economic stimulus plan to stop his people hurting.
“If there was ever a time to deliver a Throne Speech it is now and the people of Bermuda need to ask why David Burt has failed to deliver.”