The following letter to members of the Progressive Labour by Party Leader & Premier David Burt was released this morning, in the lead up to the protest demonstration at the Cabinet Building at 11:30am against COVID-19 restrictions…
As the Delta variant causes big increases in coronavirus cases around the world, we’ve seen a big increase in anonymous WhatsApp forwards and graphics from those persons who do not support the PLP Government’s policies to keep the country safe. 
Many of you have reached out to me to express your concern, and to ask how I am doing.
I am fine. I am fine because your PLP Government has led during tough times and we are continuing to lead in tough times. I am fine because I am backed by a strong team who understands that tough decisions must be made and that the decisions we are making are in the best interest of the health of all Bermudians. 
In the lead up to the last two elections, there were those who tried to attack me personally in an attempt to try to destroy this great party. They are doing it again. It did not work then and it won’t work now. We will continue to stand firm to protect our health, and push forward to implement our election pledges.
Unfortunately, we have had some teething issues with our upgraded travel authorisation form and the helpline. Though Bermuda has required a travel authorisation for the last year, the new information needed to be submitted has caused stress for travellers and increased calls for assistance. However, we’ve made lots of progress in the last week making things better for travellers. The reality is the vast majority of Bermudians have spoken to their doctor and have taken the COVID vaccine to minimise the risk of International travel and there are only 24 rooms being used in our hotels for quarantine. 
Further, as I shared with our Party’s Central Committee last night, mandatory hotel quarantine is set to expire when Bermuda reaches the threshold of 70 percent of our population being fully immunised. But until then we must do all that we can to protect our borders and minimise the risk of a new outbreak.  
It is the obligation of this Government to protect Bermudians. And, now that Bermuda has so few cases of the coronavirus, the best way to protect our summer freedoms is by controlling the borders. We must follow the science and we should not be deterred.
Later today there is scheduled to be a demonstration on the Cabinet grounds, and I expect a large and exuberant crowd. Your Cabinet will break from its meeting to receive the documents they wish to share with us, because their voices matter. I hope that all persons remain respectful and peaceful as there will always be different opinions which is cornerstone in a vibrant democracy. However, your Government cannot think only about the individual, we must think about the collective interests of the country. 
I thank you for your prayers, words of comfort and your support. 
David Burt
Party Leader