Premier David Burt opened the latest COVID-19 briefing on Monday, condemning “horrific acts of violence against a female by a group of males”.

While noting that he trusts “that all fathers had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend”, he said that weekend was marred by “recent incidents of violence, which should disturb all of us, and that community-minded Bermudians find repugnant and universally condemned”.

“We have emerged from a weekend marred by horrific acts of violence,” he said.”

The 33-year-old mother of two sustained severe “life altering injuries” on Friday night, outside a home on Cedar Hill in Warwick.

“It is not surprising that many are wrestling with the question of how we can better live in peace with each other on our small island of Bermuda,” said Premier Burt.

“The violence we see is a symptom of a deeper problem within our society.

“Whether it is the racial imbalance in employment and opportunities, or the racial disparities in wages and life outcomes, the ongoing cycle of violence is a manifestation of hundreds of years of abuse and trauma.

“Too many of our young men feel disconnected and disenchanted within our society. And around the world, it has been proven that those who do not see a place for themselves, or a value from society will, in many cases, not care if their actions, destroy that society.

“Words do matter, but only to an extent,” he added.

“Continued community action is needed to make our young black men feel valued and included.

“Action that creates opportunities for achievement, validation, and positive transformation will help bring our disaffected, and disenchanted youth back into the bosom of a loving, caring and inclusive Bermuda.

“I am grateful to everyone who continues the work to make this a reality,” said Mr Burt.

“The government will continue to support those actions, and I know that the Minister of National Security will continue the work in this sphere to tackle the root causes, which are manifesting in this abhorrent violence.”

Meanwhile, the victim, who was initially admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

The good news – police confirmed earlier today that she has since been moved to a general ward, where her recovery continues.

A manhunt is now underway to find the group of men responsible “for committing this senseless and brutal attack on an
unarmed woman” who remain at large.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime), Antoine Daniels stated earlier today: “As a result of the severity of this brutal attack a young mother sustained life altering injuries that are likely to have long lasting effects on both her and her family.
“There are persons out there within the community who are aware of those responsible for this vicious crime and by working together we can bring the perpetrators to justice and improve the safety of the Bermuda community,” he said.
A police spokesman said however, that the investigation “is being actively progressed” by the Serious Crime Unit.
Police are now “seeking to hear from anyone who has any information, no matter if you believe it to be insignificant to please make contact with Detective Sergeant Dean Martin on telephone numbers; 717-2074 and/or 247-1739”.
“Persons wishing to share information can also contact police by calling 211 or the main police number 295-0011.
“Those persons who are reluctant to speak with police directly can call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477.”
  • Top Feature File Photo Courtesy of TNN