Premier David Burt and family were joined by Acting Magistrate Leo Mills who joined volunteers to assist the Grateful Bread feeding programme that helps feed Bermuda’s homeless and those who are less fortunate in our community.

Staff at Canterbury Law recently held a pre-Christmas festive event attended by nearly 200 people at Astwood Hall in Pembroke.

Premier Burt, who was volunteering with his wife Kristin and their two children, said: “We feel that it is important to teach our children the spirit of the Christmas holiday.

“It is a wonderful programme and we have supported it before.It reminds you of the incredible amount of work that remains to be done but also that this is a time to bring happiness and joy to people. It’s seasons like this that you show the true Bermudian spirit and all the country pitches in.”

This year marked the 23rd food drive of its kind hosted by Grateful Bread since January last year.

Free items were also handed out after a full Christmas dinner. The next event will be held on January.

Volunteers are urged to contact Suzi Outerbridge on 296-8444 or email or

Photos Courtesy of DCI