The following statement was released by Premier David Burt on Monday, July 5, 2021…

“This is perhaps the most debated policy in many years and to suggest that after three months of public discussion on this issue the Government would shy away from any debate led by the Opposition is nonsense,” said Premier David Burt after a statement from the Leader of the Opposition. 

“There is a reason the OBA is on the Opposition benches. This is a time for leadership, not taking the political temperature and irresponsibly saying only what you against but never saying what you are for to keep this country safe. That’s just the easy way out and proves again why the OBA wasn’t trusted to lead this country through the pandemic. 

“Once the Opposition have managed to draft their Motion to debate the Quarantine Order we will be more than ready to debate it and take the opportunity to demonstrate how critical this policy is to ensuring normal life and continued economic growth for Bermuda.”