Premier David Burt held his first media briefing with his two new Ministers yesterday, informing “the country that the cost of the Cabinet as it has been reconfigured is less than the cost of the Cabinet at the beginning of this year given that I will continue as Premier and Minister of Finance”.

Claiming he was “best placed” to fill the void left by the sudden departure from the ranks of Cabinet by the former Minister, Curtis Dickinson.

“I believe and judge — and I think that my Cabinet ministers are with me — that I am the best placed to carry out that role and mission at the Ministry of Finance,” he said.

“I was proud to welcome two new Ministers to the Cabinet. Minister of Tourism, Vance Campbell and Minister of National Security Michael Weeks.”

Take a look at the video, particularly the Q&A segment.

Unlike the former Minister he replaces, Premier Burt said Michael Weeks will take the helm fulltime.

“I am grateful that he is able to serve in this Ministry full time, and I know that he will be focused on ensuring that we redouble our efforts on tackling the root causes of violence,” said Mr Burt.

“In addition to Ministers Campbell and Weeks joining the Cabinet, I would also like to announce the following changes to the alignment of Ministries:

➢ The eCommerce portfolio will move from being under the remit of the Premier to the Minister of Economy and Labour. The Information & Digital Technologies portfolio and Department of the same name will be moved from under the remit of the Premier to the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

➢ The liquor license portfolio will move from the Attorney General to the Minister of National Security.

➢ And finally, the Consumer Affairs portfolio will move from the Minister of Home Affairs to the Attorney General.

In closing, the Premier thanked the former Minister of National Security, MP Renée Ming again, for her dedicated service.

“I look forward to continuing to work with her as she moves to the backbench and remains the strong voice that she has always been for the people of St George’s,” said Mr Burt.

Moving forward, he said he welcomed Ministers Campbell and Weeks and looks forward to their contributions as we:

➢ focus on economic recovery and growth

➢ reduce the cost of living

➢ Getting people back to work

➢ ensure our seniors live in dignity; and

➢ Continue to tackle the root causes of crime And that we work to ensure that our young people have hope for a future in the island that they call home.

The Premier concluded: “I am confident that this Cabinet and this Government will deliver for Bermuda, and I myself and my the new Minsters.”