A big day for first-time ‘big school’ students for a host of families, including the family of Premier David Burt, whose daughter attended her very first day of school at Northlands Primary.

He was joined this morning by Kalmar Richards, the Commissioner of Education, where he “welcomed students and their parents in the school’s courtyard and encouraged the students to do their best in the upcoming year”.

Premier Burt said: “I shed a tear this morning for my Princess’ first day of school.

“I believe in public education and proud to be here at Northlands Primary. I wish the principals, teachers, support staff, parents, guardians and all of Bermuda’s students a wonderful start to the 2019 school year.”

Some 4,820 public school students returned to class this morning for the start of the new school year.

Education Minister Diallo Rabain and Kalmar Richards, the Commissioner of Education were out bright and early to greet students at various schools on the first day of class.

In a statement released on Monday, Ms Richards said the visits were designed to “show our support to staff and students, and to remind us about the important work we do each day – work for our children”.

“The staff and I are fully committed to student success and will continue to set out a path towards improving results and transforming Bermuda public schools,” she added.

“I expect our students to do well and I look forward to seeing an improvement in our results this year.”

  • Feature Photos Courtesy of DC