Photo: TNN

A meeting of the Governor’s Council will be held today “to discuss matters related to the police”, to discuss “the need to have effective enforcement not only working with the police but also with the judiciary”.

This from Premier David Burt in the wake of the latest round of gun violence and a fatal stabbing.

Speaking at the latest COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday, Mr Burt offered condolences to “the family who lost their loved one over the weekend, and must now bury a father, a son, a brother,  uncle, cousin or friend who is the latest victim to lose his life to violence”.

“As a country we struggle to comprehend the loss of another Bermudian life, while at the same time concerned about two others who find themselves recovering from the injuries sustained on Friday night from a gun incident,” he said.

“To provide support to those who live closest to where these violent incidents took place and to help family and friends come to terms with the loss of a loved one, the Gang Violence Reduction Team along with the Community Support Team, worked all weekend in Pembroke and Sandys to speak to those who were directly impacted, and to help to restore the sense of community that binds us together.”

He also reaffirmed the Government’s commitment “to continue its work to ensure that education, employment, community bonds, and a good quality of life helps young men see a future”.

“A future where fathers don’t become fatalities and sons don’t become statistics. The pandemic will not cease this work, as it is necessary to address the root causes of which the violence is just a symptom,” said Mr Burt.

“Economic inequality, inequality of opportunity are the root causes of the violence which is mostly confined to one segment of Bermuda. The Black community. Though enforcement is not a matter for the elected government, that is the responsibility of the United Kingdom government represented here by the Governor.”

On that note, he added: “There will be a meeting of the Governor’s Council to discuss matters related to the police and the ministers present will make sure that we signify the views and thoughts we have to the need to have effective enforcement not only working with the police but also with the judiciary to ensure when the police do their work, the judiciary holds up their end of the bargain as well.”