Premier David Burt announced an ‘End to Austerity’, after both he and Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier were disciplined by the Speaker of the House on Friday.

The statement, entitled ‘Throne Speech 20198 and Beyond: Charting a path for the future while challenging the status quo to build a Bermuda that works for everyone’, was due to be made on the floor of the House. But it never happened.

In what turned out to be a rowdy scene in the Lower House, Speaker Dennis Lister ruled that the Premier could not continue with his speech.

This after One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannoner was kicked out of the House for repeatedly interjecting to complain that the Premier was reading a Throne Speech in “disguise”. OBA MPs followed suit and walked out of the House as well.

After reviewing a copy of Mr Burt’s speech during a 20-minute recess, the Speaker ruled that the speech could not continue.

“Premier, based on the exchange we had last night with regards to items I asked to be removed and are still not, I am ruling we will not,” he said.

“I expected that to have been respected. It was not respected. We are moving on.”

Despite several attempts by the Premier to make a point of order, Mr Lister refused to allow it.