Premier David Burt confirmed last night that “all affected employees of businesses that are unable to open will receive payments up to a maximum of $1,500 a week” for three weeks.

Announcing new Public Health Regulations following a Cabinet meeting on Saturday (March 21), he said the businesses affected “will be eligible grants to cover expenses and overheads as was done by the BEDC in December”.

The new restrictions include no indoor service at local bars – a move that impacts local bars with no outside facilities.

And the curfew that used to start at midnight has been rolled back to 11pm to 5am, starting tonight.

In addition to clubs and bars being prohibited from serving patrons indoors, restaurants, bars and clubs as of today, are permitted to a maximum of six (6) persons at any one table.

“Our whole approach is about balance,” said Premier Burt.

“We have to strike the right balance between protecting the Island and keeping this economy open, and moving towards recovery. We can and must do both. The actions we are taking today are proactive, and this pandemic has shown that early action prevents longer periods of restrictions.

“The highly contagious UK strain, which is the source of this outbreak, must be met with early action, and that is the action we are taking today,” he added.

The new restrictions “will be in effect for at least three weeks”.