• The following tribute was submitted to Bermuda Real by Progressive Labour Party MP Kim Swan on behalf of Port Royal Golf Course…
Glen Simmons was a man who made all who grew up with him very proud, as he rose from humble beginnings as a talented ’never give up’  sportsman to represent Bermuda 🇧🇲 internationally as an amateur golfer and become Vice President of the Bermuda Industrial Union.
From a young age Glen Simmons attended Southampton Glebe School and became affectionately known as one of “Dolly Tucker’s Byes”, the no nonsense Principal Dalton Tucker whose name the school now bears.
Glen was among a plethora of talented young athletes growing up in the communities between Scaur and Whale Bay attending Southampton Glebe School.
Glen was one of those young men influenced by Lionel Turner, a young Schoolteacher from the UK, like Cecil Todd, Edgar Smith, Glen Blakeney, as well as golfer professionals David James, Cornell Bean, Dwayne Pearman, Darren Woods, Kim and Darron Swan.
Through golf, I grew up around Glen Simmons and his Family. In addition to golf, Glen was a talented footballer who played for Somerset, Warwick & Vasco.
As a footballer Glen somewhat grew up in the shadow of his legendary older brother Richard ‘Dirt’ Simmons. His sister Diane (Simmons) Hunt and brother Wesley ‘Poker’ Simmons were outstanding softball players. Of course their father Aubrey ‘Dingbat’ Simmons was an iconic sporting figure who influenced and encouraged many young people in sport.
In the early 1970’s when Port Royal Golf Course was opened, he became captivated with the game of golf.
The influence of Walter King (Golf Pro at  Port Royal & former PLP MP), Golf Pro Herman ‘Tucci’ Bascome and the extended golf community had a major influence on his young life.
Glen Simmons was already a good athlete but as an extraordinarily powerful ball striker who had tremendous shot making ability.
He was one of the last two students of the legendary former Ocean View Golf Club Pro, Herman “Tucci” Bascome from Whale Bay, Southampton. Glen embodied Herman’s showmanship and bubbly confidence when playing golf. My late uncle Herman often bragged to me about Glen’s natural talent has be taught us both the great game of golf.”
Glen Simmons reached a major height as an amateur golfer in 1992, when he represented Bermuda in the World Amateur Team Championship.
The 1992 Bermuda Team:
  • Glen Simmons
  • Arthur Jones
  • Dr Robert Vallis
  • Jack Wahl
  • Brendan “Bees” Ingham (non-playing captain)
As Port Royal Golf Course celebrates its 50th year of operation, it is not lost on me that Glen Simmons’ passing takes place during this historic year. Glen Simmons was a larger than life, a colorful dresser & character.
Personally,  Glen and I have always had a special bond through our mutual mentor the late Herman “Tucci” Bascome.
We spent a lot of time together practicing and competing together as partners and opponents – because of this legendary Bermuda athlete Lloyd James named us the “Bascome Colts”.
On behalf of Port Royal Golf Course, the golf community and friends of Glen we offer our sincere condolences to the Family of Glen Simmons.