The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) issued another advisory for “seniors to exercise caution when contacted by individuals seeking to get them to invest in local or overseas ventures”.

This after two recent incidents involving seniors who were scammed.

A spokesman said: “In one recent incident, a senior was contacted by a ‘friend’ and encouraged to participate in an investment opportunity in the U.S. only to find themselves duped out of a significant amount of money, which it turned out was being sent to an account in another country.

“In another incident, the senior was lured into allowing an individual claiming to represent a reputable company remote access to their computer,” he added.

“The scammer then accessed the senior’s banking and other personal information and threatened to expose that information, if the elderly person failed to ‘release funds’ to an overseas banking institution.

“Reports were made to police and investigations into both matter have now begun.”

The BPS urges seniors, if you are contacted about your finances by someone, other than a trusted relative/friend, do not provide them:

  • any information about your money.
  • your bank account number.
  • any information about your bank cards.
  • your bank card number or your PIN number.
  • your phone number, address or any of your personal information.

If you feel unsure, about someone contacting you regarding your financial information:

  • Do not engage in conversation with them.
  • Inform your financial institution.
  • Contact the Police at 911.