Thanks to the assistance of members of the public, both vehicles stolen this weekend have now been recovered.

No word yet on the condition the vehicles were found in.

Earlier today, a spokesman said: “Vehicle 13292, a Kia Picanto motorcar, dark grey in colour with red trim, was reported stolen from the Pond Hill area of Pembroke on Friday night.

“The owner reported parking the vehicle  on Pond Hill on the side of Parson’s Road Playground at 7:45pm on Friday, January 29th,  2021. Upon their return at 9:30pm, the car was missing.
“Vehicle 47475, a Toyota Rav4, silver in color, was parked on Angle Street at the junction with Union Street in Pembroke (outside Fish n’ tings) at 7:10pm on Saturday, January 30th, 2021.
“The owner reported having returned at 7:11pm and saw that the vehicle had gone missing.
“The Bermuda Police Service once again reminds members of the public to ensure that ignition keys and any valuables are removed, as well as to double check that all windows and doors are properly secured and locked, before leaving your vehicle.”