Stephen Corbishley, Commissioner of Police

Two men have been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting that claimed the life of Clarke Fox and left another man with injuries on Tuesday (March 18).

Police also disclosed that 18 shots were fired in the area surrounding the junction of Court and Elliott Streets in broad daylight when the 28-year-old victim was gunned down.

Bermuda Real understands both men were shot in the back. The second man injured was treated and subsequently discharged from King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley said police have recovered a motorcycle that may have been used in the incident.

He also stated that a female police officer was standing a mere ten feet away from “the individuals that pulled the trigger”.

“There are men not far away from here that are extremely dangerous to the fabric of our community — not least when we have such significant challenges in organising Bermuda to address the current threat of coronavirus,” said Mr Corbishley.

“I do think some people do not think, do not care, but I hope they worry, because we will bring them into custody,” he added.

He also noted that he had spoken with the victim’s mother and that this was “not the first tragedy that her family has faced”.

But he said he had “promised her we will do everything to bring those responsible to justice”.

When asked if this latest shooting incident was gang related, the Commissioner said: “It’s easy to make a guess, but I genuinely do believe this is a dispute between gang members.

“That’s part of our inquiry certainly in regards to the persons targeted and the offenders.

“The thing that shocks me is the fact this took place in broad daylight, in public, with indiscriminate firing. Some of the cartridges indicated they potentially hit cars.

“This is not the wild west, not a Hollywood movie — this is life,” he added.

He also appealed for anyone with information regarding this case to call the main police number, 295-0011, or the confidential and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline, 800-8477.