Senior officers of the police Serious Crime Unit confirmed today that two men have been arrested in connection with the early morning fatal shooting of St George’s Cup Match cricketer Fiqre Crockwell on Monday, June 20th.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels opened today’s press conference “by extending sincere condolences on behalf of the Bermuda Police Service to the family, friends, close community and sporting colleagues” of the 30-year-old east end resident, who was also an avid member of the St David’s Cricket Club family.

“This has been an extremely traumatic experience for everyone involved especially considering the number of people who were present in the Woodlands Road area at the time of the shooting,” said Mr Daniels.

“The negative impact a single incident like this has on the community as a whole is profound, especially when we consider that Mr Crockwell was a young man who was in the prime of his life, a father, brother, uncle, son and friend.

“This marks the second shooting death of 2016 and the 29th overall since 2009, when Bermuda began to experience an increase in violence involving firearms.

“When we consider that 29 men have lost their lives to gun violence and 63 on our roads alone in the preceding 6 years this has to cause concern in the Bermuda community with continuous loss of our young men.

He confirmed that two men are currently in police custody before handing over the podium to the lead Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), Acting Detective Inspector Kenten Trott.

In response to questions by Bermuda Real he stated that one suspect was arrested on the same day the murder was committed. The other man was arrested on Tuesday.

Insp Trott while updating the media on the current status of the ongoing investigation said the shooting occurred at 2:57am.

“The first call was received regarding a disturbance on Woodlands Road in Pembroke Parish.

“Moments later another called was received stating that there had been a shooting at that location.

“Police officers quickly attended the scene and found the victim, 30-year-old Fiqre Crockwell.”

One of the attending officers “provided first aid to Mr Crockwell until he was transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead”.

The cold blooded pre-dawn shooting is now the subject of a full investigation

“During the course of this investigation, search warrants have been conducted and other investigative leads pursued, which led to the arrest of two men – 26 and 31-years-old respectively – in connection with this incident,” said Insp Trott.

“There were people in the immediate area where the shooting took place and we are appealing to all those who were there to come forward and assist with the investigation, if they have not done so already.

“And we would like to thank those witnesses that have already come forward,” he added.

Asked if police were viewing the fact that people have come forward as an indication of a changing trend with witnesses, he said the police certainly hope so.

While Insp Trott noted that Mr Crockwell had no known affiliation with gangs, Mr Daniels said:

“Tackling criminal gangs is the number one priority for the Bermuda Police Service.

“We continue to review our operational deployments and strategies with the aim of focusing our efforts on those individuals who are likely to cause the most harm to our community,” he said.

“We always encourage victims, and indeed witnesses to come forward and talk to officers.

“It is also incumbent on the community to stand together and support each other when faced with those bent on destabilizing our society.

“The Bermuda Police Service continues to be both thankful and encouraged by those willing to do that.”

Police continue to actively conduct enquiries into the murder of Fiqre Crockwell and urge anyone with information to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.

Meanwhile, Mr Daniels confirmed that an autopsy was performed on the body of Jevon Daniels, whose remains were found in bushes near the Ireland Rangers Field in Sandys, on Friday, June 17th.

Earlier this month his mother Gloria Daniels made a desperate appeal for information that would help bring her family closure. At that point in time her son had been missing for two weeks.

“If it was your son, brother, daddy, or any of your loved ones how would you feel,” said Ms Daniels.

“Wouldn’t you want to know whether they are dead or alive… Every night I lay my head down but there is no rest. I go through every day wondering will today be the day that I find out all the answers I’m looking for.”

She urged anyone with information on her son’s disappearance to let their conscience guide them “to make the right decision”. For that she said: “My family would be eternally grateful.”

A police spokesman said: “A Family Liaison Officer is working with the family to assist them during this difficult time. The Bermuda Police Service would like to express its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Jevon Daniels.

“The Bermuda Police Service is of the firm belief that there are individuals in the community that have information that may assist in the investigation,” he added.

The appeal to anyone who may have information regarding this incident continues as well.

By Ceola Wilson