Police confirmed today that two suspects have been arrested in connection with the recent spate of burglaries.

“However, residents are still encouraged to be vigilant for suspicious individuals in their neighbourhoods and to secure their homes by ensuring all windows and doors are locked before leaving their property unattended,” a spokesman said.

Criminals will look for insecure houses and unlocked vehicles as they are easier targets.

Conduct a self-audit of your home – cut back trees and hedges to reduce vulnerable areas where intruders can attempt to access your property without being seen.

Air conditioning units should also be secured and it is recommended that all valuables are kept in a safe or safety deposit box if possible.

In addition, residents are strongly advised to take pictures of all their valuables and record serial numbers of all electronic goods. In the event that any personal property is stolen and later recovered, these items can be more easily identified.

Suspicious individuals or activity seen in any neighbourhood should be reported immediately to the nearest police station or the main police telephone number 295-0011,” he added.

Meanwhile, inquiries continue.