Police have arrested three more men in connection with the recent string of gun incidents this past week – a total of four in the space of 24 hours last Monday.

And according to Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley – more arrests are expected.

Speaking at a news conference last week, he said: “So far, we have four persons in custody that we believe are directly involved in the shootings.

“There are other arrests planned which will take place over the next 24 to 48 hours.

“This is a very dynamic investigation where new information is coming to us all the time.”

All four suspects were said to be “young men”. The Commissioner also stated that police had also seized “several” mobile phones.

“We believe that those contain evidence related to this,” he said.

“That kind of material will be absolutely essential to understand where people are, where they’ve been, and what communication has taken place.”

On Thursday, Superintendent Nicholas Pedro disclosed that a 17-year-old male had been arrested in connection with the daylight shooting of a 26-year-old man in Devonshire on Monday.

The victim was shot several times near a bus stop on North Shore Road, between the junctions with Dock Hill and The Glebe Road, around 2.30pm.

The man was reportedly shot in both arms and both legs after two men on a motorcycle drove up and opened fire.

Two other firearms incidents took place in the Khyber Heights Road area of Warwick on Monday night, with another incident reported in the Morgan’s Road area earlier that day.

The Commissioner also thanked the public for the information they had provided to investigators.

“When we go into communities, people are worried about saying something,” he said.

“They know what’s happened, they don’t want it to happen, in fact they’re sick of it happening, but they’re afraid.”

“We will not expose their identity, we will make sure they are looked after,” he added.

Moving forward Mr Corbishley said that his officers would not rest until everyone involved in the incidents was in custody.

“I do want people who are committing these offences to be afraid and actually to be worried,” he said.

“Because, if they choose to act in this way, if they choose that life, then the Bermuda Police Service will deal with them, and there’s likely to be only one place they end up.”