Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a number of thefts from homes, especially specially in the Pembroke Parish area.

A spokesman said: “It appears seniors in particular, were targeted by persons claiming to be in need of assistance.

“Once allowed into the home, the individual would then remove items of value.

“The theft discovered only after the caller left.

“The person arrested remains in custody as inquiries into these matters continue.“

Police advised members of the public of the following:

Do not allow anyone into your home unless it’s someone you know and trust.

If a person claiming to represent a utility or a company or even a government agency, visits your residence, please ensure they provide proper Identification before allowing them access to your property. You don’t need to open the door for them and if you feel uneasy, you can always ask that they come back another time, when someone you trust is there with you.

Be cautious of anyone coming to your residence claiming they need help and want to use your phone. Unscrupulous individuals are known to play on the emotions of seniors, in order to gain their sympathy before relieving them of their valuables.

Think about marking valuable possessions with your postcode and the number of your house or flat. Marked property is harder for thieves to sell on, so it can put them off. Also, try and photograph any valuables so if something valuable of yours does get stolen, the police are more likely to identify and return it to you.

If you believe you have been targeted by individuals involved in this practice, please immediately call the main police number 295-0011.