Police executed arrests in Sandys on Thursday, following the early morning drive-by that saw gunshots fired into a crowded Docksiders on Front Street.

Mr and Mrs Joe Public were put on notice to expect a heightened police presence on the streets and they will be using their stop-and-search powers.

Chief Inspector Na’imah Astwood said members of the public should expect high-visibility police patrols in the weeks ahead, and that people “should not be surprised if stop-and-search powers are being used”.

She also noted that police had not ruled out a gang-related motive for the incident. This after an unknown gunman fired through a window at Docksiders, where a bullet hit the ceiling.

No one was injured in the attack, which occurred just after midnight Thursday morning.

Ms Astwood said police were investigating the possibility the shooting might be related to an incident on Reid Street over the weekend in which a 34-year-old man sustained knife wounds in a brawl outside the Vasco Da Gama Club.

“We are not ruling out anything. It may be connected, it may not be connected.

“But naturally, as a police service, we do respond to incidents that happen, hence why we are saying to members of the public to be aware that we may be using stop-and-search powers and we may be in areas in high-visibility patrols.

“We do not wish for this to escalate.”

Videos posted on social media channels showed what appeared to be bullet holes in the ceiling of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Wayne Caines said: “Bermuda has enjoyed a relatively peaceful period for six months, with no gun violence since November 3, 2017. Therefore this matter is particularly disheartening.

“The Gang Violence Reduction Team is actively engaged with community stakeholders, implementing an holistic strategy to eventually eradicate gang violence and all related behaviours.

“The Bermuda Police Service are actively investigating this matter. Reducing and ultimately ending gun violence is an ongoing challenge and we will continue to focus our time, resources and attention to this effort.

“We do not want our safe spaces such as social clubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other public spaces put in jeopardy. We want Bermuda to be a safe place to live and have fun, for residents and visitors alike.”

Shadow Minister of National Security, Michael Dunkley, said the incident was “shocking”.

“The island is now at the start of what is predicted to be a busy tourism season by air and sea.

“Meanwhile we continue to work hard to promote Bermuda around the world as a place to visit and do business.

“Shocking incidents like this, and any gun violence, have the potential to harm all the hard work and impact in a negative way every Bermudian.”