Seven people were arrested by police in the most recent drug raid conducted at two houses in Devonshire and Smith’s Parish, where officers seized another set of drugs and four illegal dogs.

According to the statement released on Wednesday (Feb 15), officers also seized a hydroponics system used to grow cannabis inside – behind closed doors on February 7, with an estimated street value of $80,000.

The raids were conducted by the police drugs unit with the criminal investigation unit, financial crimes unit and tactical division.

Animal wardens were also on hand to assist police to remove four dogs from one of the properties.

Acting Detective Superintendent Sherwin Joseph, the officer in charge of the Crime Division, said: “Ths operation has disrupted and dismantled the drug trafficking and money-laundering activities of a drug trafficking ring here in Bermuda.

“Chemicals used in the illegal grow operation were also seized and will be further analysed by our government analysts.

“The investigation is at a critical stage and no further information will be provided at this time.”