Police netted a black bag containing “controlled drugs” was spotted near Heritage Wharf, after receiving a report that a “black bag with several brown brick-shaped packages wrapped in tape” was spotted.

A police spokesman said the reports came in at about 4.20pm, when responding officers “entered the water and recovered the bag containing the items believed to be controlled drugs”.

“The bag and its contents have since been secured, and will be submitted to the government analysts for testing in due course,” he added.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Derricka Burns said members of the Bermuda Police Service were grateful that members of the public reported the sighting to the police.

“The decision by this individual to inform police of this situation, no doubt prevented a significant quantity of what appears to be illegal narcotics from reaching the streets and posing a threat to the safety and well being of the community, given the attendant problems created by, and associated with, the illegal drugs trade on the island,” she said.

“They are to be commended.”

A full investigation into the matter is now underway.