The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has confirmed the seizure of another seven packages containing suspected controlled drugs but they are still not saying what drugs were found.
As first reported by TNN on Monday (October 19), the packages seized were discovered by a member of the public, who saw them
floating in the surf just off Southlands Beach around 11:30am on Friday, October 16.
Police conducted an extensive search of the area with Coast Guards, but no other packages were found. The contents will be forensically examined.
This latest seizure brings the total number of packages seized to ten, after another three were pulled from local waters along South Shore. The first one was discovered by a visitor who was snorkeling near the Reefs in Southampton.
The BPS thanked the individuals who reported the discoveries to the police. They also urged anyone who encounters suspicious packages on beaches, or in the water nearby, to call 211, or the main police number 295-0011.