News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – There are a number of events scheduled for Bermuda National Heroes’ Day holiday weekend and the Bermuda Police Service is seeking the public’s cooperation during the festivities.

In particular, the public should be aware of traffic and parking restrictions in specific areas of the City of Hamilton for the Bermuda Carnival, as follows.

Five Star Friday – City Hall car park & surrounding streets:

  • City Hall car park from 6:00pm Wednesday, 12th June until 6am, Tuesday, June 18
  • Dismont Drive from 6am Thursday, June 13 until 6am Tuesday, June 18
  • Wesley Street from noon Friday, June 14 until 6am Saturday, June 15
  • Church Street between Par-La-Ville Road & Queen Street from 5:30pm Friday, June 14 until 4am Saturday, June 15
  • Victoria Street between Wesley Street & Washington Street from 3pm Friday, June 14 until 6am Saturday, June 15

There will be no parking on the above streets during the times noted, with local access provided through Victoria Street.

Parade of Bands and Last Lap

The following streets will be closed from 6am Monday, June 17 to 2am Tuesday June 18:

  • Front Street between Par-La-Ville Road and Court Street
  • Court Street between Front Street and Reid Street
  • Reid Street between Court Street and Queen Street
  • Parliament Street between Front Street and Dundonald Street
  • Dundonald Street from Parliament Street through Serpentine Par-La-Ville Road
  • Par-La-Ville Road from Serpentine Road to Front Street
  • Church Street between Par-La-Ville Road and Parliament Street
  • All roads within the parade route above

There will be no parking on the above streets and car parks during the times noted.

If you plan to attend any of these events, travel with a group or in pairs; avoid parking or walking in dimly lit or isolated areas and advise someone of your whereabouts and when you plan to return.

The parked vehicles of patrons attending the scheduled events should not obstruct any surrounding roads or driveways.

In addition, the Bermuda Police Service would like to remind the motoring public that road sobriety checkpoints will be in effect in Hamilton parish, Devonshire, Pembroke, Paget, Warwick and Southampton on Thursday, June 13th, Friday, June 14th, Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th.

For those headed out on the water, please file a float plan; do not go boating alone; ensure your radio is working and all the requisite safety equipment is onboard and up-to-date.

When swimming, do not swim alone and please ensure that your boat’s registration decal is current and prominently displayed.

Do not consume alcohol and drive, ride or operate a watercraft.

  • A message from the board members of the Bermuda Road Safety Council

The Bermuda Road Safety Council supports and endorses the efforts of the Bermuda Carnival organisers and the Bermuda Police Service, in ensuring the safe transportation of all event goers attending Carnival and other activities.

There are options to choose from for those traveling to and from events where the consumption of alcohol and driving don’t have to mix. We encourage the public to choose one of these options, which include taxi, designated driver and bus.

The organisers of Bermuda Carnival have arranged for minibuses to transport event goers from pick up and drop off locations. We support this and encourage this to be utilised.

Also, we would like to remind the public to be safe and practice best road safety practices. Please know and follow all relevant traffic laws.

Overall we want this to be a safe and enjoyable Carnival week, that we all can be proud of.

Cautious Drivers ~ Safer Roads ~ Safer Bermuda.

The Bermuda Police Service and the Bermuda Road Safety Council take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe holiday weekend and encourage those participating in the festivities to enjoy themselves responsibly.