Police are investigating a recent video posted on the local social media circuit that appears to show a police officer shoving a motorcyclist being shoved after the rider decided to overtake while traffic was being diverted or directed by police.

The rider, who bumped into a roadside wall as a result of the shove, managed to avoid being stopped and kept going.

The subsequent fall out, led to a police spokesman confirming that the incident occurred and was under investigation by the Bermuda Police Service, after it was posted on a popular Facebook group page earlier today.

The 16-second-long dashcam video shows a man on a motorcycle overtake a car stopped in front of him and while the reason for the delay is not visibly clear, the video clearly shows the motorcyclist passing the car in front of him as the officer steps into the rider’s path and shoves him into a wall.

The rider regrouped from the shove and rode off.

Social media bloggers both for and against the rider, questioned whether or not the officer’s action was appropriate.

Their comments, which by 7pm, when the story was first reported by Tari Trott, had triggered hundreds of comments.