Residents were urged to have some tolerance for their neighbours after police received complaints about ‘house parties’ and loud music this weekend, as the curfews “prevent us all from celebrating in the normal ways”.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said: “The Bermuda Police Service [BPS] has received numerous calls this holiday weekend, from people reporting that their neighbours are playing loud music and having what are termed as ‘house parties.’

“The BPS has also received reports that persons are moving from house to house to attend parties, contrary to the Shelter in Place regulations.

“We emphasise, the BPS will attend any reports of groups gathering to ensure that the Shelter in Place regulations are not being contravened.

“However, unless it appears that offences are being committed officers will not enter premises. This in order to keep appropriate social distancing.

“We urge the public to consider their neighbours when playing loud music in their homes and to refrain from doing so late at night,” said Mr Weekes.

“We also however ask that residents have some tolerance for their neighbours who wish to celebrate the holiday weekend, as we all are aware that the curfews prevent us all from celebrating in the normal ways, and only call the BPS to attend where the noise becomes excessive.”