The Bermuda Police Service renewed their appeal for witnesses on the day marking one month since the fatal shooting of Jordan Outerbridge.
In a statement released on Friday (May 7), Detective Superintendent Nicholas Pedro, Officer in Charge of the Crime Division said: “Sadly, today marks one month since the brutal murder of Jordan Outerbridge. One month since his children lost a father, and a wife lost her husband.
Despite our continued best efforts, we have so far not received the public response we had hoped for in a case that involved the senseless killing of a man,” he said.
As such, we are re-issuing a call for anyone who may know anything about the murder of Jordan Outerbridge, to come forward and say something.

“Crime Stoppers can be a very helpful option in that regard. They exist to help people who – for whatever reason – won’t, or can’t speak directly to the police, but want to do the right thing. Crime Stoppers, guarantees that you will remain 100 per cent anonymous. They are not interested in who you are and will never, ask for your details – all they want is information, however small, that might help find those behind this murder.

“Jordan’s life was mercilessly taken away. By contacting Crime Stoppers, you can help – anonymously – to have the person behind Jordan’s murder face the consequences of their violent actions. You may even prevent someone else from coming to harm.”

Mr Outerbridge, 37, was gunned down as he was leaving a house from a card game near the junction of Ord Road and Tribe Road No 2 in Warwick, around 10:30pm; just ahead of the 11pm curfew, on Tuesday, April 7.

The fatal shooting marked the island’s first gun murder this year. The victim was shot several times in the chest by a gunman, who jumped on the back of a waiting motorcycle.

Police say the victim was not affiliated with any gang or gang activity and that they do not believe Mr Outerbridge was the “intended target”.

Anyone with information that may assist with this ongoing investigation is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit directly on 247-1739 or the Confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.