The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) today renewed their appeal for an unidentified rider, reportedly riding with road traffic fatality victim Antoine Seaman, when he tragically lost his life in a motorcycle collision with a police vehicle.

As BPS spokesman said: “To date, the as yet unidentified motorcyclist discovered on CCTV footage riding alongside 21-year-old Antoine Seaman – just prior to the fatal collision involving a police vehicle that claimed his life, which occurred around 1:50am Monday, April 15th on Somerset Road in Sandys parish near Wilson Place – has not come forward.

A thorough investigation continues and the Bermuda Police Service renews the urgent appeal for that rider, or anyone who knows the identity of that individual, to come forward.”

The former footballer and Somerset Cricket Club youth football team coach was laid to rest this past weekend, as family members, relatives and friends still grapple with more questions than answers looming over them, as the investigation continues. 

Anyone with specific information that can assist is urged to call the investigating officer Sergeant Dorian Astwood on 247-1009 or 717-0849 at the earliest opportunity.