The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has renewed their appeal for information that will assist with a six-year-old murder investigation, prompted by the gun murder of Jason Mello in 2016.

Mr Mello was fatally gunned down on August 19 on Bandroom Lane in Pembroke.

A BPS spokeswoman said: “The gunman is believed to have entered Bandroom Lane wearing a full face visor helmet and heavy dark coloured winter clothing that would have been unusual on a hot August evening.

“The gunman is believed to have parked the cycle higher up on Bandroom Lane and walked down to where he shot Mr Mello several times. The gunman then returned to his parked motorcycle and rode back out through St Monica’s Road area,” she added.

Police are now appealing to witnesses or anyone with information “no matter how insignificant it may seem” to contact Detective Sergeant Dean Martin at the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or to call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477, or an officer directly.