Police recovered a gun in the area of Cambridge Road in Sandys, after officers on patrol “observed persons flee on foot after seeing police”.

The incident occurred at 11:10pm on Thursday (May 23).

A police spokesman said: “The officers made a search of the general area, resulting in the recovery of a firearm. The weapon is being forensically processed and test fired to establish if it is operational.

“The men made good their escape out of the area.

“The Serious Crime Unit are continuing investigations into this firearm recovery.”

Speaking at a news conference on crimes committed over the holiday weekend, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Antoine Daniels said: “The firearm was being forensically tested to see if it was functional and to check if it had been used in any crimes.”

A total of 19 people were arrested, with five knife incidents.

He also noted that police have seen 16 incidents involving knife crimes this year, and if the current trend continues, that number could surpass last year’s record of 25.

“Police are always concerned about any incident, whether it’s the first holiday of the year or the first day of the year, involving firearms and knives,” he said.

“That demonstrates within our small island community that there are persons who share some kind of animosity towards each other and the first step they’re taking towards resolution is picking up a knife or a firearm.”

A 22-year-old male had been stabbed in the face on Friday at 7.54am near Pier 6 in Hamilton.

He sustained a wound that required stitches that was deemed “non life-threatening”.

Mr Daniels stated that the incident was believed to have been a “domestic dispute” with a woman, who left the scene before police arrived.

A full investigation into that incident is now underway.

Three other knife crimes were reported that landed two people in hospital with minor injuries.

And five arrests were made for impaired driving over the holiday weekend.

To date, there have been 84 incidents involving knife crime reported to police since 2020, with 54 arrests made for knife crimes this year alone.

“In 2023, there were 25 bladed weapons incidents, and 16 thus far this year with less than 5 months completed,” he added.

“There have been 31 arrests for bladed articles thus far in 2024, with 58 having been made last year (2023).

“This is not a new phenomenon and if active steps are not taken to arrest this type of behaviour, this can become an epidemic,” said Mr Daniels.

“What is certain is we cannot do it alone and need the support of the entire community and all of our key stakeholders.

“Persons carrying bladed articles for protection should note that not only is this unlawful, but they are more likely to use the bladed instrument, should they be targeted.”

He also stated that police would do everything in their power to reduce knife crimes, including stop and searches, increasing patrols and through educational programmes.

“What is certain is that we cannot do it alone,” he added, with a reminder to those who carry knives for protection that possession is unlawful.

On that note, he said the best way to stay safe was to stay home or avoid areas prone to potential danger.