According to the latest update on Operation Vega, Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell also said there has been a constant stream of drivers getting behind the wheel without a valid driver’s licence or insurance.

He also stated that running red lights and disobeying traffic signs were also a prolific problem on our roads, particularly at the Paget stop lights.

“We have been deploying roads policing to those lights of late and we have reported many for traffic offences including driving without due care and attention, driving without reasonable consideration and disobeying the red light,” said Mr Cardwell.

“There is a current trend where motorcyclists travelling east, towards the red light, go into the offside lane, wait for the light to turn green, then, shoot off across the first car stopped at the light and weave between the first car travelling west. We have been heavily policing this bad riding behaviour.”

A Bermuda Police Service spokesman noted that nine people were charged before the courts, fined and banned from the roads, for driving whilst impaired in October.

“Please be aware, failure to license your car, attracts a $750 fixed penalty. For failing to license a motorcycle, the fixed penalty is $250,” he added.

“Operating a vehicle without a driver’s license, carries a fixed penalty of $100. The courts will levy a $1,000 fine if you are found to be operating an uninsured vehicle.”

Traffic offences in the past four weeks:

Impaired driving arrests 15

Speeding 303 (+22)

Traffic sign 155 (+116)

Unlicensed vehicle 86 (+31)

No third party insurance 70 (+14)

No driver’s license 38 (+6)

Manner of driving 19 (+5)

Disqualified 2 (-3)

Seatbelt 0 (-11)

Helmet 15 (+10)

Handheld device 2 (+2)

Defective vehicle 1 (-1)

Fail to give name/address 0 (0)

Fail to stop 4 (+2)

Fraudulent documents 2 (-4)

Defective vehicle 1 (-1)

Making false statement 0 (-1)

Fail to exhibit license plate 2 (+2)