Stephen Corbishley, Commissioner of Police

One man has been arrested and a motorcycle was seized by police following a property search, in connection with a vicious attack on an off-duty police officer by a group of men, as his wife and eight-year-old daughter looked on.

Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said the officer was was kicked, beaten and struck with a scrambler motorcycle, after he warned a group of young men; said to be in their 20’s, about their antisocial behaviour.

The incident occurred at Clearwater Beach in St David’s over the holiday weekend.

The Commissioner said on Tuesday, that the officer, who has not been named, is still off work as a result of the attack.

He sustained lacerations and bruises, for “simply doing his job and advising people as to their behaviour”, that was alarming other beachgoers, said Mr Corbishley.

The men were said to be driving their bikes around the car park, pulled “wheelies” and caused “fear to other persons”.

The officer’s wife narrowly avoided being run over when one of the riders rode his bike at her, he added.

Moving forward, the Commissioner said the hunt for the offenders continues.

He noted that this was “an isolated incident — it’s not one that is representative of what’s taking place in our community”.

He also criticised what he termed “despicable”comments on social media that suggested the officer deserved to be attacked.

But he said they were “clearly from a very small minority”.

He urged anyone with information is urged to contact police to ensure that the “persons responsible will be caught”.