The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) has scheduled a news conference for 4pm today (Mar 10) at the Hamilton Police Station Community & Media Room, to officially identify the body recovered from waters off Marginal Wharf in St. David’s yesterday.

This after what was described as “a tragic ending” that concluded a two-day search for former MP Darius Tucker, after divers made the grim discovery of the van he was driving, in waters off Marginal Wharf in St David’s yesterday.

Speaking to the media at the scene, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Antoine Daniels, said: “I don’t want to say too much because obviously that family has to speak to the wider family members, so I don’t want to say to much to the media. But except I want to say thank you to the media for helping us get our messages out.

“As I say it’s a tragic ending in these missing persons (cases), as you must understand it is very complex because we have missing persons weekly and we have to have a proportionate response because everyone has a right to life and as police, we have to step up our responses when we find that things are suspicious.”

We’ll have more in subsequent reports after the news conference to be held at 4pm today,