More gunshots fired at another residence in Pembroke early this morning on Parson’s Road near the former Jamaican Grill restaurant.

As first reported by TNN, the first on location after this latest incident for Bermuda News as it Happens – most notably on weekends, there was a heavy police presence in the area early this morning (Sunday, February 16), multiple gunshots were fired.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

A police spokesman confirmed that incident occurred shortly before 8am this morning.

“Two individuals rode up on Field View Lane on a motorcycle. One of them got off, went down the steps of a nearby residence to open fire indiscriminately.

“No one was injured – thankfully. Officers were called to the scene and so far the investigation is now underway.

“I can tell you that spent shells have bee recovered, a number of spent shells have been recovered – I’m not sure how many, but thankfully; no one was injured.”

When asked how detectives are viewing this incident, which occurred in broad daylight on a Sunday morning, he said: “I think that’s one of the disturbing factors.

“Residents around here are saying this is a bit of a shock to them.”

At this stage he said: “We have no idea who the target would be.

“I can tell you that there is going to be a press conference today with the Commissioner of Police, it’s going to held here…and hopefully we’re going to have the Minister of National Security with us here at this press conference because this is his constituency.”

No word yet on whether this latest incident is related to the other shooting incident at another residence in Happy Valley that landed a young man in hospital with a gunshot wound to his upper left arm.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.