No word yet on the condition or age of the man shot in broad daylight on Middle Road in Warwick outside The Hub on Friday.

Police say several people where in the area when officers arrived around 5:20pm, after several shots were reportedly fired.

The victim was rushed to the hospital’s Emergency Department for treatment as another firearms investigation gets underway by the Serious Crime Unit.

The area around Cedar Hill and PHC was cordoned off to traffic during the initial response.

Detective Inspector Kenten Trott confirmed that a man was injured, with no word yet on the extent or seriousness of his injuries.

Speaking at the scene, he said: “We are asking members of the public, as this happened on a busy street on a busy afternoon and there were many people there, to please contact us and give as much information as possible.

“Anything you might here or might know please let us know, that we can progress this investigation.”

Asked by TNN if this latest shooting incident was gang related, or had anything to do with the nearby retailer, he said: “It does not appear that it has anything to do with the business at this time.

“Again, we a are very early in this investigation.”

Meanwhile, the Bermuda Police Service is aware that there are video clips of this shooting incident circulating on social media.

A spokesman said: “We ask that should you receive these video clips, you do not publish them as doing so could jeopardise any possible future court proceedings which may be related to this incident.”