Police are tonight (Mar 17) searching for a chain snatcher, who ran off with a gold chain at ER Aubrey Jewellers on Queen Street in Hamilton.

The reported robbery was made around 11:30am, after a man entered the store requesting to look at a gold chain on display.

A police spokesman said: “He is reported to have snatched the chain from a store clerk’s hand and run out without payment.

“The suspect fled to Queen Elizabeth Park, where it was reported he jumped on to a waiting motorbike ridden by another person and escaped.

“The suspect is described as light brown-complexioned, 5ft 7in, thinly built, wearing dark clothing with a Manchester United mask, black hat and sneakers.

“Checks were conducted in the areas of Queen Elizabeth Park, Par-la-Ville Road, Queen Street, Reid Street and Church Street without success,” the spokesman added.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Dominique Simons on 717-2469, at 295-0011 ext 1685, or via e-mail at dominique.simons@bps.bm.”