The following statement was released on August 9, by the Bermuda Police Service…

Domestic abuse is a serious issue. The Bermuda Police Service is committed to improving our response to and how we treat the issue within in our community.

Along with several of our community partners, including; The Center Against Abuse and the Department of Child and Family Services, are seeking input and active participation from you.

This is your opportunity to help shape where we focus our efforts and how we deliver our services to better meet your needs.

We are starting with a survey in order to better understand the problem. The information gleaned from the survey, will guide us in how we address the subject of domestic violence and more importantly how we look after victims and help reform those responsible for committing these acts.

The survey will be launched on Monday, August 8th, 2022 and run through to Wednesday, August 31st, 2022. It will take the form of a number of multiple-choice questions gauging the performance of first responders such as the Bermuda Police Service, as well as our partner agencies who provide the necessary aftercare intervention, support and rehabilitation where needed.

Through the survey, we want to understand from residents:

1. Their understanding of domestic abuse
2. Their awareness of domestic abuse support within the local area
3. Their awareness of perpetrator support within the local area
4. Their preferred support/services if they or/and their family/friends experienced domestic abuse
5. Barriers to seeking support for domestic abuse

This survey is anonymous and is being managed by “SafeLives”, the UK-wide charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse for everyone and for good. SafeLives was contacted by Laurie Shiell, Executive Director for Centre Against Abuse, to discuss Bermuda’s current Domestic Abuse Offer. Following this contact, they were invited to follow up meetings with representatives from the Centre Against Abuse and the BPS. The view being that the Whole System review of Bermuda’s current domestic abuse response would provide a clear idea of need and provision and support the work they are seeking to achieve.

The view being that a Whole System review should be conducted to assess Bermuda’s current domestic abuse response and as a result it would provide a clear understanding of the needs, provisions and support that will be required to successfully assist victims and the community.

An opportunity has been identified to build upon the current domestic abuse response and build the foundations of a Whole Family and Whole System model to meet the needs of families experiencing domestic abuse. The ultimate goal is to provide victims with safety sooner.

To find out more about SafeLives please visit their website:
You can access the survey via the following link: Bermuda Public Survey
The survey will also be available on the Bermuda Police Service website:, the Center against Abuse website: and Facebook page as well as other traditional and social media platforms.

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