The recent spate of serious road traffic accidents, including driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs and inattention, has triggered another warning by the Bermuda Police Service (BPS).

Head of the Tactical Support Unit, Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell, said today: “Impaired driving is heavily frowned upon in the community. It is inevitable, as we have seen, that impaired driving will lead to a collision of some kind.

Knowingly driving whilst impaired, with the heightened risk of taking a life or causing a permanent life changing injury to someone, is incomprehensible,” he said.

The public are reminded that consuming alcohol, any amount, whilst also under the influence of prescribed or over the counter medication such as cold and flu medicine, can elevate levels of impairment.

If you are out and are consuming alcohol have an exit plan,” he added.

But he said drugs and alcohol were not the only factors contributing to accidents on Bermuda’s roads.

Those factors include using cell phones while driving or riding, fatigue, and even things like medical conditions.

“We encourage everyone to slow down, exercise courtesy and caution when riding or driving, reduce aggression on the roads and exercise responsible, safe driving,” said Mr Cardwell.

Meanwhile, Operation Vega – the police crackdown on bad driving continues in the ongoing bid “to make Bermuda safer”.