Police are investigating two road traffic accidents that occurred in Devonshire this afternoon, one involving an unoccupied parked car that crashed over an embankment.

The vehicle was parked on Hibiscus Lane, along Cavendish Road in Pembroke when it rolled and went across the main road.

A police spokesman said: “Information from the scene indicates that the vehicle involved was parked and unoccupied on Hibiscus Lane when somehow it rolled off Hibiscus Lane, crossing Cavendish Road.

“The vehicle then went through a wall and fell several feet to the ground below, in a residential area. However, there are no reported injuries at this time.”

He also noted that traffic along the section of Cavendish Road, between Spurling Hill and Lane Hill – was not “majorly impacted”. The initial warning sent out to the public, he said, “was sent out in an abundance of caution”.

Belco staff also attended to deal with a live power line that had come down.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the circumstances surrounding another road traffic accident in Devonshire this afternoon, that landed the driver in hospital when the vehicle ended up flipped on its side.

The accident occurred around 4:30pm on North Shore Road, just east of Barker’s Hill, which caused delays during rush hour traffic on the evening commute.

The driver’s injuries were described as minor.