Police confirmed today that the man found lying unresponsive in the street early this morning, died as a result of a fatal stab wound, marking the third murder of the year.

He has been identified as Duane Gibbons, 57, from Warwick.

Speaking at a news conference held at the scene, Acting Detective Jason Smith, of the Serious Crime Unit, said police were called to the scene at 2.20am today.

He was found by a member of the public, who called the police when they saw Mr Gibbons lying in the eastbound lane of Blue Hole Hill, just east of the Swizzle Inn Restaurant, Hamilton Parish.

Life saving measures were taken at the hospital’s Emergency Department but unfortunately he succumbed to his injury and ultimately died from a fatal stab wound.

 “The Bermuda Police Service is aware that prior to the 911 call being received there were several members of our community who were travelling along North Shore Road in both east and westerly directions that may have seen Mr Gibbons,” said Mr Smith.

“In particular you may have Mr Gibbons standing or leaning over the wall which is just behind me and we believe that he was there (for) some minutes before he collapsed and unfortunately was unresponsive.

“Those members of our community who were travelling along the road, it is critical that you make contact with us and speak with us about what you had observed at the time that you were travelling. 

“We know that Mr Gibbons is from the Warwick area and it is interesting that he has found himself at this location at this hour of the morning. And that, or how he came to be at this location is vital to our investigation, in helping us to piece together the pieces of the puzzle that we can fit,” he added.

“Mr Gibbons leaves behind a sister and a mother who is grieving as a result of his loss.

“Mr Gibbons’ death is the third murder for the year and one murder is too many for our country. 

“And so today, we are making this appeal for anyone who has information, that came past this location, saw Mr Gibbons, or you who may have witnessed any suspicious activities that took place early this morning anywhere between the hours of 2am and 2:20am, we are appealing to you today to make contact with us so that we can solve this case.

“The circumstances are still being developed at this stage, so therefore it is important that you make contact with us so that we can get that information and then we can channel our investigation – our lines of enquiries along those particular lines.”

Anyone with information is urged to call the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477, 211 or main police number 295-0011.