News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley is pleased to announce the promotions of Sergeant Alex Rollin and Sergeant Derek Berry to the rank of Inspector and the promotions of Constable Krishna Singh and Constable Mark Monk to the rank of Sergeant.

All four were promoted by Commissioner Corbishley in front of the Minister of National Security  Wayne Caines, family, friends and colleagues at a ceremony held in the Police Recreation Club hall, Prospect Devonshire 4:30pm on Monday (November 18).

Inspector Alex Rollin

Inspector Rollin graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada having received a Bachelor of Arts in History. It was his intention to eventually become a teacher, but he was no longer interested in schooling and wanted to begin working.

Unbeknownst to his parents (despite his father being a police officer at the time) he applied for the Bermuda Police Service and went through all of the testing without letting them know.

Even though he thought he would never stand a chance of passing the fitness assessment, he did and joined his Recruit Foundation Course in September of 1999.

Upon completing his initial training, Constable Rollin worked in St George’s for a period before moving on to the Police Support Unit (PSU) and eventually becoming an Acting Sergeant at Hamilton Police Station, having the good fortune of working under the mentorship of the late Sergeant Gregory Grimes, who he owes a great deal to. In 2004 he was promoted to Sergeant.

Inspector Rollin has worked out of all three police stations as a Patrol Sergeant as well as the Western and Central Community Action Teams. His passion is street work and he has had the good fortune to work in the PSU on and off throughout his career.

Inspector Rollin was a part of the implementation of gang evidence in the Supreme Courts of Bermuda and has given evidence in approximately 35 court cases. His evidence has made it as far as the Privy Council where it was challenged and stood up to scrutiny.

Inspector Rollin has delivered a number of presentations throughout Bermuda on gangs to schools, Parent Teacher Associations and other Government departments. He has also travelled to Jamaica where he presented on his gang evidence at a series of seminars for the Jamaica Constabulary Force and other judicial stakeholders.

His current posting is working as an Incident Commander on B Watch where he hopes to remain for a while.

Inspector Rollin is an Operational Firearms Commander, Tactical Firearms Commander, member of the Emergency Response Team and Close Protection team. He is also a Firearms Instructor and this summer instructed two Close Protection courses which saw the qualification of Bermuda’s first female Close Protection Officers as well as the qualification of eight officers from the British Virgin Islands who came to Bermuda specially for this Close Protection Officers’ training.

Photo: left to right – Sergeant Mark Monk, Minister of National Security the Hon. Wayne Caines, Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley, Inspector Derek Berry, Inspector Alex Rollin and Sergeant Krishna Singh.

Inspector Derek Berry

Inspector Berry spent over three years as a Prison Officer in the maximum security prison HMP Glenochil located in Scotland before becoming a police officer in 1990. He joined Northumbria Police in the North East of England where he spent 10 years. During part of that time he was a member of the armed response vehicle unit and firearm response team.

It was also where he was first involved in major and complex investigations primarily around children and other vulnerable persons.

Inspector Berry joined the Bermuda Police Service some 19 years ago in 2000. During this time, he was an original member of the Community Beat Office but primarily undertook an investigative role within the Criminal Investigation Department as well as the Serious Crime Unit both as a Constable and as a Sergeant.

Inspector Berry currently has a leading role within the Critical Incident Stress Management Team which he has been a member of, off and on since its inception some 17 years ago. Inspector Berry is also one of the points of contact for incidents that have occurred aboard Bermuda registered vessels and has led a number of onboard investigations both on island as well as overseas where more complex or serious crimes have alleged to have been committed.

For the past few months Inspector Berry has been the Acting Inspector within the Criminal Investigation Unit.

Sergeant Krishna Singh

Sergeant Singh completed 22 years in the Bermuda Police Service, having joined in 1996. He was first appointed as a Patrol Officer at the Hamilton Police Station where he was exposed to a variety of offences enabling him to grow in his role as a law enforcement officer.

Besides being a Patrol Officer, he worked in a number of other departments, such as the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) and Police Support Unit (PSU) to name a few.

Sergeant Singh’s passion for teaching and seeing others advance made his most memorable postings. On more than one occasion, as a Tutor Constable, he was directly involved in helping mentor young officers.

Sergeant Singh also has a real passion for community policing and as such he thoroughly enjoyed his most recent posting as Southampton Parish Constable, where he was able to work in partnership with community members, government and non-government agencies, other police departments and numerous stakeholders to make Bermuda a better place and improve the quality of life for the people of this country.

He truly believes we can’t arrest ourselves out of the ills in our community, much more is needed. With this belief and mindset, he volunteers with Saving Children and Revealing Secrets (SCARS), Bermuda Education Network (BEN), The Youth Police Initiative (YPI) and other mentorship programmes.

Sergeant Singh would like to thank the Bermuda Police Service for the opportunity afforded him today. He counts it as no small thing; he aims to give his very best to the Service and Bermuda in his new capacity. He would also like to thank his wife, children and mother for putting up with the demands of his job – for the missed Christmases, Easters, birthdays and many other significant days he missed due to work commitments.

Sergeant Mark Monk

Sergeant Monk joined the Bermuda Police Service in 2004. From Training School, he was sent to Hamilton Police Station where he began his career in Operational Policing before being transferred to Somerset Police Station for a number of years.

Sergeant Monk spent some time on the Western Community Action Team when it was used for Operation Safer Streets. He then spent time working out of Somerset Police Station and Hamilton Police Station for the majority of his career, working in the Patrol Department at Hamilton Police Station for the past two and a half years.

Sergeant Monk was a representative of the Bermuda Police Association’s Constables’ Branch Board and was elected to the Bermuda Police Association Executive, where he served in the roles of Legal Financial Aid Director, Secretary and Ombudsman.

He was recently awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation for his contribution and work on implementing the new 12 hour shift system.

Sergeant Monk would like to thank his family, friends, colleagues and the current senior management team for the support they have given him during this process.

  • Top Feature Photo: Back row, left to right – Sergeant Mark Monk, Sergeant Krishna Singh, Inspector Derek Berry, Inspector Alex Rollin and BPS Chaplain Dr. Kevin Santucci. Front row – Superintendent Nicholas Pedro, Acting Assistant Commissioner Na’imah Astwood, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines, Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley, Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes, Superintendent James Howard, Acting Superintendent Tracy Adams and Superintendent Sean Field-Lament