A forensic pathologist, the “highest level of pathologist” is due to arrive in Bermuda today, to examine the body of 19-year-old Mark Dombroski, who was found dead on Monday, at the bottom of a “significant drop” in Prospect, Devonshire.

One day after the grim discovery of the US rugby player, reported missing on Sunday, after a night out on the town, the Bermuda Police Service has yet to say whether foul play was involved or not.

But Superintendent Sean Field-Lament said: “Contrary to some social media posts, Mark’s body was not bound.”

This after several posts were circulated claiming otherwise.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, the senior officer said when it comes to police investigations, social media is a “double-edged sword”.

“It can be a tool that assists us, and it certainly assisted us in the early stage of this investigation, but what can happen is that untruths are spread,” said Mr Field-Lament.

“We have an open mind. Nothing can be ruled out,” he added.

He did said that that Mr Dombroski’s wallet and mobile phone were found with him.

Apart from that, he said: “We work on facts and we are waiting for the forensic pathologist, the highest level of pathologist that we can get, to give insight on injuries that Mark has.”

He also confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined the inquiry, and that the Bermuda Police Service touched base with US law enforcement agents “very early” in the investigation.

“They reached out to us and that’s part of the protocols that we have in place with US citizens,” said Mr Field-Lament.

As more details unfold, the senior officer noted that the visiting teenager was captured on CCTV walking alone on Alexandra Road in Devonshire, at 1:30am on Sunday.

US Teenager Mark Dombroski, Age 19 of Pennsylvania, USA

His body was discovered in the moat near Fort Prospect at about 4pm on Monday.

Mr Field-Lament said police believe he may have ended up in the area after going for a walk.

“I understand that he had gone for a walk the night before around the Warwick Camp area, but we really don’t know why he was walking up there. To say anything otherwise would be speculative,” Mr Field-Lament said.

He would not speculate as to whether or not the young man was going to meet someone because he was seen on CCTV talking on his phone.

But there’s still no answers being disclosed by police as to who Mark was talking to. Mr Field-Lament declined to say if police had traced anyone he may have spoken to.

“We are not going to release something like that at this stage of the investigation. We’re trying to determine what took place,” he said.

Meanwhile, the investigation continues. Police detectives would like to speak with area residents the Alexandra Road “who may have heard or seen anything” between 1am on Sunday and 4pm on Monday.

The senior officer also recapped what police can confirm to date:

  • At 1:30am on Sunday, March 18th, 2018, CCTV images show Mark was walking alone along Alexandra Road in Devonshire, which is immediately to the south of where his body was found.
  • At this juncture, further review of CCTV shows no other activity in the neighbourhood at that time.
  • Mark’s body was found at the base of a significant drop at Fort Prospect.
  • His wallet and cell phone were found with him intact.
  • Contrary to recent speculative social media posts, Mark’s body was not bound or tied up. We await the forensic pathologist’s independent official report.
  • The Bermuda Police Service is specifically asking for witnesses in the Alexandra Road, Devonshire area that may have heard or seen anything between 1am Sunday, March 18th and 4pm Monday, March 19th, 2018.

A further update will be provided following the examination by a forensic pathologist.

In closing, Mr Field-Lament thanked members of the public and local retailers for their assistance, “especially with obtaining CCTV footage”.

Anyone with any information about 19-year-old Mark Dombroski – no matter how insignificant it may seem to you – is asked to contact Senior Investigating Officer Acting Detective Inspector Karema Flood by phone on 717-2086 or by email on kflood@bps.bm.