Five weeks later and it still under review. That’s the latest update on the case of the police officer suspended from duty as a result of that “disturbing social media post” in the lead up to the Black Lives Matter march in Bermuda.

This after the recent statement from the Social Justice Bermuda group said: “We see that the Bermuda Police Service has noted their intention to receive ‘unconscious bias’ training from CURB (Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda), which is a start, but it leads to more questions.”

The group also noted that a police officer “posted an inflammatory meme which threatened Black Lives Matter protesters”, and said it “demonstrated that she has neither the judgement nor empathy to be in a position of power on this island”.

Police confirmed that the officer was suspended on June 7 for posting an image which said: “All live splatter, no one cares about your protest.”

Five weeks later a spokesman said: “The matter remains under review.”

The Social Justice Bermuda group noted that the officer was suspended without pay.

“One month ago, Social Justice Bermuda called for her to be fired and for her cases to be reviewed,” the group said.

“In our public requests for updates, we have been told that there is a set process to be followed, and that there is no designated timeline they can share.”

“In the meantime, we are left to wonder if in fact, justice will be served.

“Shouldn’t a review of her cases be underway right now? Will this even happen as part of the ‘due process’? What exactly would a Bermuda Police Officer need to do to be fired on the spot?

“Social Justice Bermuda awaits answers to these questions. Otherwise, the training will do very little to demonstrate that the Bermuda Police Service is committed to the people of this island.”