Using powers under Bermuda’s Liquor Licence Act, the Bermuda Police Service disclosed today that they will enforce a 24-hour closure on Docksiders tonight following an “antisocial incident”.

The Front Street bar will be shut down from 10pm tonight until 10pm tomorrow night.

A spokesman said: “It is imperative that liquor licensed premises take social responsibility for the safety of their patrons and the conduct of those person who threaten that safety, which has a profound effect on the community that they are a part of and Bermuda as a whole.

“The Bermuda Police Service will be responding to any antisocial behaviour linked to liquor licensed premises with all of our law enforcement options, which includes but is not limited to, the temporary closure of offending properties.

“Liquor licensed premises must ensure that the antisocial behaviour of a few does not affect the responsible socialising of the many responsible patrons.”