News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – During last night’s curfew exercises, one individual was detained, after the rider of a bike on which he was a passenger ran off after being stopped by police.

That person detained was held at the Hamilton Police Station and released after curfew.
He will be dealt with by the Courts by way of summons. Enquiries are ongoing to identify the rider of the bike.
Going forward from tonight we will be taking a hard line with any persons who are breaching curfew with no valid reason, if they are found to be without permission from the BPS or an exemption under the regulations. Persons found in breach will be arrested
and placed before the courts at a future date.
We encourage all residents to ensure when travelling on any highway that they carry a valid photo ID.
Additionally if they are in a group that has received exemption under the regulations that in addition to their driver’s license they either:
  • Carry official identification identifying that they work in a field exempted under the regulations or  Carry a document from their employer identifying that they are in an exempted category or
  • Documentation issued by the BPS giving individual exemption following the completion of the online at: Bermuda Police Service Corporate Communications – BPS Online @