A teenaged boy reported missing since last Tuesday (April 4) has apparently been in contact with relatives to let him know he is safe, but he has yet to return home.

Police say the whereabouts of Za’naj Bascome, 14, remain unknown and they are urging anyone who may be holding him to return him to his parents.

Za’naj, was last seen in the area of Friswell’s Road in Pembroke at around 9.30am last Tuesday, April 4.

A police spokesman said today: “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm that Za’naj has been in contact with relatives who have reported that he is safe.

“However, we wish to reiterate that Za’naj is a minor and should be in the care of his parents. The public is reminded that it is an offence to unlawfully withhold a child.

“The BPS urges anyone who has been in contact with Za’naj to have him return home.”

It was also noted that under the 1988 Children Act, it is an offence to take a child away from the person responsible for that child without legal authority. It is also an offence to keep a child away from the responsible person and to assist or encourage a child to run away from home.

“In the case of Za’naj Bascome, he is a minor who has run away from home and is staying away from the responsible adult, namely his parents,” the spokesman added.

“The Bermuda Police Service continues its efforts to establish his whereabouts.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Za’naj Bascome is urged to call the main police number on 295 0011.