The Bermuda Police Service has confirmed the gun murder death of the man shot dead on Court Street near Elliott Street  on Friday night as Taylor Grier.
Mr Grier, 30, was fatally wounded when a gunman opened fire at the junction of Court Street and Elliott Street while riding a motorcycle with a pillion passenger around 10pm.
Another 55-year-old man, who was caught in the crossfire, was treated at the hospital’s Emergency Department for non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses say they heard several gunshots fired during the incident, some said at least six gunshots fired off.
A police spokesman said a suspect was arrested shortly before midnight on Friday and was detained at Hamilton Police Station.
Witnesses are urged to call police on 295-0011.
And a “family liaison officer has been assigned to the family and a full investigation has commenced”.
Meanwhile, National Security Minister Wayne Caines said he was “extremely saddened by this tragedy”. 
“It is very disheartening that as we prepare to celebrate our Cup Match holiday, our community is rocked by this tragic act of gun violence,” said Mr Caines.
National Security Minister Wayne Caines

“I wish to extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the victim. Our thoughts are with them during this time.”

The Minister also confirmed that he has been briefed by the Bermuda Police Service about the ongoing investigation.
He also urged anyone who has any information about the incident to cooperate with the Police.
The Crisis Response Team was also active last evening in response to the shooting, he added.
Ironically, on July 27, the Minister had just outlined a detailed Policing plan for the Cup Match holiday, highlighting steps being taken over the long holiday weekend to ensure a police presence at various events around the island.
But he also noted today, that added public safety measures will be put in place this weekend to reassure the community.
“We are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of our community by stepping up our public safety efforts” said Mr Caines.
“We will update our policing strategy for the holiday. And those who seek to disrupt should know that we will address any activity of violence with the appropriate measures.”
The Minister will also host a news conference on Tuesday, July 31, to update the public on the Policing plan and to reiterate Government’s commitment to ensure that significant security measures are in place to deter anti-social activity.
Shadow Minister of National Security, Michael Dunkley

And Shadow Minister of National Security, Michael Dunkley said on behalf of the One Bermuda Alliance on another senseless murder: 

“We were stunned, devasted and saddened to learn Friday night of another senseless murder.
“I knew Taylor as a constituent and friend whom I enjoyed conversing with about our beloved home. He was always keen to discuss opportunities and issues facing Bermuda. Just last week we continued our discussion on cryptocurrency,” said Mr Dunkley.
“My colleagues and I send prayers and condolences to his family; let’s do all we can to support them during this very difficult time.
“Finally, there is a good chance that someone has information which can help the BPS. If you know something then say something and help the grieving family and our community.
“God Bless our Island.”