Police today confirmed a report by TNN on an incident that led to the arrest of four women for the possession of illegal drugs, namely cocaine, inside of Docksider’s Pub on Front Street in Hamilton on Saturday night (Sept 26).

The report also stated that one of the women arrested is a guest worker.

This after Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley confirmed that he took a call via Facebook Messenger from a concerned member of the public.

“I immediately contacted a senior Police Officer and within 5 minutes an arrest was made,” said Mr Corbishley.

“I think this reflects the way in which the BPS are increasingly becoming more connected with the community.

“I thank the parties which contacted me because we were able to make some notable arrests. Whilst people think that possession of drugs, particularly cocaine, is just recreational, cocaine is linked to international organized crime.

“Every time you buy cocaine you should consider you are funding crime in other parts of the world,” he added.

“Those arrested were four white guest workers, which perhaps reflects a different tactic under the Police Commissioner to consider all communities.”