The Bermuda Police Service has confirmed the death of 30-year-old Morlan Steede, who was gunned down by a lone gunman around 9:40pm on Friday night on One Way Deepdale in Pembroke.

A family liaison officer has been assigned to the family and a fullscale investigation is now underway, headed up by Inspector Michael Redfern is now underway, as the appeal for witnesses continues.

A news conference will be held on Monday, where there will be specific information disseminated to the public.

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Wayne Caines issued a statement last night on this latest gun murder.

While extending his “sincerest condolences” to the family and friends of the victim, he said: “Any loss of life in such a violent way is truly tragic. As is relates to this shooting death, what was so disheartening was the fact that there were several young people who witnessed the incident.”

Minister Caines continued: “I have been briefed about the ongoing investigation by the Bermuda Police Service. And I have spent much of today (Saturday) and last night in the area lending my support and comfort to those affected.

“The Ministry of National Security also worked to coordinate assistance for those in the neighbourhood, by providing counselling services by our Crisis Coordinated Response Team (CCRT). An area church was used as the community hub to offerf support and grief counselling.

“Sadly, this has been the 35th shooting death since 2009. This is deeply concerning. But we will not live in fear. Those committing these acts of violence will be held accountable. I am urging anyone with information about last night’s (Friday) shooting incident to please assist the police in their investigation. Please help us by doing your part in taking back our communities and neighbourhoods affected by gang and gun violence.”

Witnesses who may have seen anything suspicious are urged to contact police at 295-0011, or the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.