The Bermuda Police Service has confirmed the death of 21-year-old Antoine Seaman who was killed in a fatal road crash with a police vehicle.

The motorcyclist, of Granaway Drive, Southampton, died as a result of his injuries when his bike was in collision with a police car near Willowbank in Sandys.

The early morning crash occurred while a female police officer, heading west in a marked patrol car was responding to a report of a disturbance.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday, the Roads Policing Unit officer heading up the investigation, Sergeant Dorian Astwood, denied claims that the victim was being chased by police when the accident occurred.

Mr Seaman’s death marks the fourth road traffic fatality on Bermuda’s roads this year.

Sgt Astwood also confirmed that “a full notification has been passed to the independent body the Police Complaints Authority”.

“This is normal practice as required by legislation and ensures full transparency,” he said.

“This applies to incidents involving death or serious injury where an officer acting in the execution of his or her duty causes, or appears to have caused, death or serious injury to any person.

“The Commissioner of Police shall, as soon as practicable, give the authority a written notice setting out particulars of the incident in which death or serious injury was caused,” he added.

But he declined to comment on the circumstances of this fatal crash.

“We understand that this collision occurred less than 12 hours ago and there is a family mourning at this time, so it is correct we show compassion and don’t pre-empt any decisions or suggestions as to the circumstances at this time,” he said.

He did say the officer driving the car involved was uninjured and that at the time of the accident, she was in the car alone.

Police are now looking to pinpoint the victim’s whereabouts from 11pm on Sunday night.

Anyone with information that may assist is urged to make contact by calling 247-1009 or 717-0849.

Sgt Astwood added: “We are sensitive to the fact that this fatality took place in the early hours…and Antoine’s community are still coming to grips with this most unfortunate situation.”

While noting that “details are still emerging”, he confirmed that the police officer driving the car was heading west and that the victim was travelling east in the opposite direction.

A family liaison officer has been assigned to the family in mourning. The BPS also extended sincere condolences to the victim’s family and friends.