Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley added his voice as Bermuda’s top cop on the case of “serious sexual assault” and “gross misconduct” by two officers, that not go before a judge and jury in the Supreme Court.

In a statement released this afternoon, he said: “Following a complaint of serious sexual assault by a serving police against two other serving officers, a criminal investigation was commenced, alongside employment matters of gross misconduct to which the officers were suspended.

“A file was submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Office for charging consideration.
“An assessment by the DPP decided that there was not sufficient evidence to conclude that a reasonable jury,  properly directed, would more likely than not convict the accused of the charges alleged,” said Mr Corbishley.
“The officers subject to the criminal allegation have subsequently been informed, however they remain suspended and the BPS disciplinary process will make assessment to their behavior, a process that, unlike the criminal threshold, is based on the balance of
“As Commissioner of Police I support all who make complaint of sexual assault, whether they be a police officer or member of the public of any ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation,” he added.
“We continue to look after the officer who made this complaint at this difficult time, with the provision of counselling and welfare support.
“I understand the officer will now seek judicial review in regards to the DPPs decision which he is legally entitled to do.
“In view of this action it would be inappropriate for the BPS to make any further comment until this process is completed.”
As first reported by TNN  the Bermuda Police Service acknowledged the damning allegations published on social media from an anonymous individual believed to be a police officer, on what could be deemed as a case of “justice denied”.

According a TNN report, the post was published in a police chat group “in relation to an allegation against two police officers who are currently suspended from duty”.

“The damning post which has gone viral at a time when the integrity of police and the manner in which they enforce law and order have come under harsh scrutiny world wide,” the report said.

Responding to TNN enquiries, a police spokesman said earlier today: “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a social media post, apparently by an unknown police officer, currently circulating on social media in relation to an allegation against two police officers who are currently suspended from duty.

“The BPS are unable to make comment, as all case decisions lie with the office of the DPP.”

Meanwhile, efforts to garner a response from the DPP regarding this matter have gone unanswered at the time of this post.